Gas Lantern Mounts

Sometimes what makes a light great is not the light itself but the mounting that connects the amazing light to the beautiful home. However, given the quality of the lights that we have, it’s only going to be an extension of the gas light bring light to your world.

Unlike other mounts, these mounts allow you to connect any gas lantern to any surface. For the wall gas lanterns, choose from the graceful swan design to an elegant scroll design and finally a ring like mount to hang elegantly from any gas connected wall.

Other mountings allow you to hand your lantern right from the ceiling and on top of posts. However, one of the most unique mountis in our collection is the bracket mounting. This helps suspends the gas chamber into the middle of a gap between either two outdoor walls or between the wall and a stable fence. Whatever the location, it gives a unique twist to an old classic.

Be sure to go through the various metals, colors, and designs to ensure all options are considered for your amazing home. Check out the gas lanterns to match with your mount for the lighting needed for your future backyard parties.

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