Gas Torches

Open flame has been said to be a way for people to stare into and not only relax but to also transition into a reflective state. Truly, situations like a campfire help even the most stressed out person to be calm and relax. So, bring the mystique of the open flame into your yard in a decorative manner that’s safe and enjoyable.

Our gas torch heads attach to the top of existing posts to help contain the gas, allow it to come out at the right speed, and give the flame space to illuminate the night sky. You can also pick from a couple of different metal types to match either your taste or your preference. To mount the heads onto the post, simply slip the top on the outside of the pole and connect it with metal screws through the lip of the head.

The benefits of gas torches over natural wood burning fires is that you have a higher amount of control, only have to flip a switch to start the flame, and there is absolutely no cleanup afterwards. Plus, family and friends won’t smell like burnt wood resulting in more laundry to wash.

Light up the party by touching it up!

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