Pier Mount Lights

Brighten up the outside of your home with sophisticated looking pier mount lights. Traditionally used in piers to light the path for which to walk on the piers at night, these creative lights have metallic frames that come in a variety of different designs and colors to fit the look and feel of the back yard. Nestled inside of the metal frames is frosted cream glass that will diffuse the light from the LED bulbs inside the lamp to bring a warm and classy glow to give a relaxing feel to brighten up the night while not blinding your guests.

Choose from a large selection of different shapes. While the traditional hut shaped pier mount light is a favorite, make sure to check into different options including oval shaped for those tight corners or the rectangular option for a bit more light in a larger area. In addition, the glass has the option of being clear to maintain the style but to allow additional light. Regardless of the color of the frame, the style of the design, or the color of the glass, the pier mount lights are the perfect light for intimate evening gatherings with close family and friends.