Post Lights

Gone are the days that all the lights inside and outside of your home being mounted in whatever place that the builders decided to place it. Now, you can decorate your yard by getting the right light in the right place. To make sure that you’ll be able to light up the dark night, first start with choosing the right post for your needs.


Our posts come in many different shapes and styles. There are the thick wide black metallic posts that make a statement of strength as well as old traditional English opsts to appeal to the sophisticated side. Not only that, it is important that the height of the post will be the one that is perfect for you and your family.  Most posts range from six feet all the way up to ten feet. That way, you can have a smaller lamp when entertaining guests and a larger lamp out front to light up the sidewalk and street for safer travels at night.


Also, if you’ve already purchased the perfect post mount light, not to worry. Our adapters will allow you to keep the design that you wanted and the height that’s needed. Either way, these posts will help enhance the value and look of your home.