Post Mount Adapters

Once you’ve found the perfect post light for your home and garden, make sure that you can mount it onto the right surface. In case you end up placing the wrong mount on the outside wall of your home, fence, or if the post in your garden happens to be made for a different size of lantern, we’ve got your solution here.

We carry a wide variety of adapters that will fit any of the different types of post lights sold online. Some of the differences include color, size, and style. The color can either match the lamp and mounting for which you’re connecting, or choose a different color to make a statement with your decorating style. Further, given that the posts or lamps come in different sizes, these adapters will ensure that the lamp will always be the right size for your home. Finally, our different styles of adapters will sure to match your unique style. This allows the connection to seem flawless and as if it was one piece.

Make sure to browse our entire selection to ensure you purchase not only the right adapter for your lamp, but the best one for you and your style.

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