Post Mount Lights

If you were able to find the perfect post for your outdoor lighting but couldn’t find the matching light to go at the top, then you’re in luck. We have a large selection of hundreds of different post mount lights to complete the masterpiece that is your backyard. Choose from a wide variety of different shapes and styles.

The glass of the lights can set the tone for your evening. Whether you want the pristine clarity of perfect glass allowing all of the light to shine to illuminate your night, or want to set the mood by having the dim glow surround your senses, you can find it here. The different types of glass include: clear, privacy, tinted, frosted white, frosted cream, and obstructed. Whatever the light level, the perfect glass type is here.

Next, choose the metal that will enclose your glass. The glass comes in colors such as gold, gray, black, white, brown, tan, silver, and more. Then, choose the shape of the type of metal that you want. Not only is there a selection of traditional metal that just does a basic border on the outsides of the glass, the different shapes gives you the ability to find the perfect lamp for you. If that wasn’t enough options, frames also come in different designs such as birds, edgework, tea lamp, along with many others.

The choice is clear that, whatever your post mount light needs you have, we’ve got it here.