Solar Lights

What is better than having a great wall light on the outside of your home to light up the night? It’s not having to pay for any electricity bills for it. Leading experts and energy companies predict that the average home spends anywhere from 12% - 14% of electric bills go towards lighting alone. With the average home spending at least $110 a month on electricity, that translates to over $13 a month or approximately $160 a year on electricity. With the prices of other expenses on the rise, it’s always beneficial to find ways to save money without having to sacrifice style.

Speaking of style, our wall lights are beautifully designed to complement your home. These lights are also self sustaining units, meaning the solar panel is on the light itself. So, there is no worrying about making sure that the connection works or hiring an electrician to install your lights.  Given this freedom, you can put these stylish wall lights anywhere you want. You can mount these lights on nearly any type of exterior wall, fence posts, in tree houses, and anywhere else you need more stylish lighting.

Don’t worry about paying for your outside lighting again and find the light that gives you the best return on your investment.