Solar Post Lights

Nothing makes a statement like and old classic light next to your new home. As seen in old England lighting the way for carriages and lovers strolling down the streets of the old hand placed stone streets of London, these solar post lights will guide you back home after a long day at the office.

Solar post lights are a great addition to accent the outside of your home. Traditionally used in the front of the home in the garden or near the front of the driveway, these classy time tested designs will also go well in your backyard to give light to the patio to brighten up your night and give light to those long summer nights while playing games or shooting the breeze while relaxing under the starry night sky.

To make sure that the solar post light fits your lifestyle, there is a large variety of different designs. The pole itself can either come in black and white to match the landscaping in your yard. In addition, choose from either having one lantern at the top of your post or having up to four different lanterns to make sure the lighting is just right. Then, choose from either having stationary upright fixtures or hung lights to give the right feel to the outdoors at night. Make sure to check through all the models to find the perfect fit for any home.

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